Over the past few weeks, I've gone over how important your gut microbiome is and how it affects the rest of your body. From Leaky Gut to Leaky Brain, it all starts with your stomach and how healthy your gut microbiome is. Are the good bacteria in charge or overrun? 

When watching the recent series on Broken Brain 2 by Mark Hyman MD, in the brain reset episode they speak of the 5R's for fixing your gut because once your gut is fixed, then you can focus on any outlying issues once your gut microbiome is in a positive state (i.e. your good gut bacteria outnumber the bad gut bacteria). 

The 5 R’s for fixing your gut are:

  1. Remove - remove any foods that inflame your gut and any infections causing inflammation in the body
  2. Replace - replace digestive enzymes or things that help the body digest food
  3. Re-inoculate/Repopulate - Adding probiotics (adding good bacteria) and prebiotics (food for the good bacteria) to your daily diet.
  4. Repair - Adding glutamine, zinc and Vitamin A supplements to help your body repair the gut barrier.
  5. Rebalance - schedule in some downtime; take the necessary time needed for rest and renewal (healing), breathe work also helps de-stress the body and mind in addition to meditation. Time for sleep: ensure your sleep cycles are following the circadian rhythm (I'll be writing about just how important this is in a sleep blog soon. All of the above is necessary for the body and gut to heal.

After finding out just how important my gut health is to my immune system and overall well-being I started implementing actions to work towards constantly improving my gut health with the dietary supplements I take daily to the vegetable and fruits I eat on the daily now. All the little actions add up to a big change in one's overall health. 

Hope you found this information helpful. 

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