The truth is, this affects a lot more people than we think. The leaky brain is more about the fact there are particles entering the brain that shouldn't be, causing inflammation.  

Lets first start with what Microglial cells are...Microglia are a collective type of neuroglia (glial cell) located throughout the brain and spinal cord., as of 2018 found to have 9 distinct subtypes with different functions, appearance, and presence. Microglia account for 10–15% of all cells found within the brain.

Leaky brain is when the Glial cells get activated, again and again, creating collateral damage by destroying brain tissue. Now the immune system has to create antibodies to get rid of the damaged brain tissue so that new tissue can be created to replace it. Thus if you have elevated antibodies in your brain tissue you know that there’s an inflammatory process going on right now! Something is causing you damage.

Sugar loving bacteria and yeast loving bacteria (like Candida) appear to ramp up the immune cell reactivity and ramp up the inflammation in the brain. [solution: Get rid of sugar and High glycaemic index foods in your diet.]

Having a leaky gut leads to a leaky brain which leads to the release of Lipopolysaccharides (LPS), also known as lipoglycans and endotoxins, into the bloodstreams which is the cause of symptoms like brain fog and a list of others.

 For MS, cells targeted is the Myelin sheath of your nervous system; For Hashimoto’s, it’s your thyroid; for rheumatoid arthritis, it’s your joints.

Stay tuned to the blogs as I go into how to go about dealing with inflammation with your diet and supplements. 

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