Telerehab or virtual rehab has become the hot topic of discussion lately since co-vid19.

So many clients and therapists have all become more open about how this can assist in delivering rehabilitation, support and guidance during challenging times during the pandemic. 

But now that life is returning back to normal, we are starting to explore whether there are situations or opportunities where this can be implemented moving forward.

The positive thing about virtual rehab is that it cuts down:

Travel time to and from appointments

Cost of travel

Frees up your time for things can or want to do

This is the case for one of my clients who I have been working with for the past 7 years now. He travels over 2 hours a few times a year for reviews and ongoing support so we can make sure he maintains the gains he has achieved thus far and that he can continue to improve. 

Now virtual rehabilitation will keep the cost of ongoing therapy down as well as allow us to have more regular virtual check-ins so that more consistent support can be delivered throughout the year. 

If you live abroad or have to travel quite a distance for neurophysio, have you considered that virtual rehab could provide the support more regularly than you currently have support?