An important part of rehab is overcoming the mindset believe that you can't do certain movements or activities. For so many clients, whilst they really want to change their situation and they really want to be able to do more with their bodies, there is an important journey that must be navigated during rehabilitation from believing that I can't do it to I can do it. We all know how amazing, plastic, dynamic the brain is and that is capable of incredible things. 

What is fascinating it that the navigation from I can't to I can will be present every time we do something new or challenging and becoming aware of this is half the battle won. 

The rehab myth that is being busted here is the one that because I can't do the movement now, which means I am failing and I am never going to be able to do it! You see rehabilitation is not linear. The brain and nervous system is complex and reorganisation takes place with neuroplasticity, stimulation, repetition, variation etc. Take one of my clients, he has made incredible progress in 5 months and everything I add in the next level of progression as the previous tasks are completed successfully, he becomes frustrated with himself that he can't do things. 

What is incredible to witness is that with each attempt of the new movement that his body doing, his brain and body are learning, integrating and refining movement. And after 7 to 10 days of practising and what feels like failing, his body is able to do the new movement. 

What if you saw each time you practised the movements or activities in neurophysio as an opportunity for your brain and body to learn, to create a stronger connect and to strengthen the communication between your brain and body?

Love and Blessing 

Natalie x

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