Today blog talks about what you may be thankful for 

Thank you for showing up for me 

Thank you for believing in me 

Thank you for trusting me 

Thank you for showing me the way back to myself 

Thank you for all the lessons 

Thank you for all the love 

Thank you for helping me feel alive again 

Thank you for loving me back to life I could not have made this journey without you 

Thank you body I love you I have your back 

And you have mine I am forever grateful I will always believe in you now and always.

Thank you for the injury 

Thank body for the diagnosis 

Thank you body for the wake-up call 

Thank you body for the opportunity to no longer take you for granted Thank you for the opportunity to reconnect with you in a deeper way I never knew possible 

Thank you body for the opportunity to relearn what it is like to love myself fully and 

Be grateful for this incredible vessel my body is that I get to call home in this lifetime.

Love and Blessing 

Natalie x

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