Wow, where do I begin?

There is so much going on in the world that we have no control over. There is so much to feel worried, stressed and anxious about but invariably, most of this we cannot control. 

One minute you are calm. The next a wave of worry, fear and stress passes over you. Where did it come from, I was calm a minute ago?

I can so relate to this right now. 

We have all be thrown into a situation that none of us has any control over, however, I do believe that we can control a few things and that is how we show up, how much we allow ourselves to feel and how we express ourselves even though we are all in a really tough situation. 

Brene Brown talks about Embrace The Suck!

She talks about the importance of getting vulnerable. She describes vulnerability as " I define vulnerability as uncertainty, risk and emotional exposure. To be human is to be vulnerable. "

She says it is really important to practice describing and expressing how you feel.

Being able to feel the range of emotions and that this is very healthy. 

Owning your emotions helps each of us developing emotional resilience. 

She also goes on to say: "Vulnerability is not winning or losing; it is having the courage to show up and be seen when we have no control over the outcome. "

I remember listening to one of her audiobooks. I love them all! And she said most people can only name or associate with 6 emotions but she says that there are actually 33 different emotions. Ever since I heard that, I've worked on my emotional range and see how many emotions I can feel in, relate to and list. It is a fascinating exercise to do.

Right now, I know you probably have a range of emotions flying around during lockdown. And know that this is very normal. 

But there is also an opportunity to feel into what you are feeling and processing these as well. There is an opportunity for deep acceptance and allowing of vulnerability. I learnt a few years ago that vulnerability is a strength, not a weakness. But if you did not grow up seeing this, then it can be challenging. This is something that I too have worked through and it is a beautiful gift to give yourself. 

But there is another facet to this that is important to look at and it is where are you allowing your emotions to control the show and hold you back from doing what you need to or want to do to reach and achieve your goals

My mentor during our group call a few weeks ago asked all of us: Where are we hiding behind our emotions?  Where are we using the emotions to stop us from doing the one thing that will actually help us? I have sat with this and been aware of where this might be showing up for me.

It is an invitation to get curious about our habits, behavioural patterns that run the show in the background that we were not aware of.  

So my question for you today is: Where are you using the emotions or the situation of lockdown to stop you from doing the one thing that will actually help you? 

Love and Blessing 

Natalie x

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