Neuro Muscular Electrical Stimulation (NMES) involves applying 2 electrodes to a muscle; one over the nerve point and one over the belly of the muscle where an impulse is delivered to cause a muscle contraction. Electrical stimulation (NMES) is used to build muscle tone in muscles that have become weak following a period of immobilisation or due to a neurological impairment. 

Functional Electrical Stimulation (FES) is a well-established rehabilitation technique that involves using controlled pulses of electrical current to stimulate intact peripheral nerves. This creates muscle contractions in weak muscles in clients presenting with upper motor neurone injuries in order to perform a functional activity. (click on FES to find out more)

Wireless walking FES systems (like the Walkaide, Bioness and MyGait) are set to help in a particular part of your walking cycle, be that with lifting your leg and clearing the floor or being able to control your leg or knee in standing safely or both. I really see FES walking systems as daily neuro physio and strengthening tool. The wonderful thing about these systems is that you are able to strengthen your muscles, increase the connections with your neural pathways, as well as have support with lifting your foot and or leg whilst you walk. 

Lets face it, this is pretty amazing right? 

I have first handed seen the impact and changes that FES walking systems can make on someone‚Äôs walking, the range of activities that clients can access as well as  their improved balance and confidence during walking. 

There are two types of functional electrical stimulation: 

  1.  Wired functional electrical stimulation   2. Wireless functional electrical stimulation  

The Pace is the Wired FES system that is available in the NHS FES service. 

There are two types of wireless functional electrical stimulation 

  1.  Single channelled wireless systems that work on foot drop only 
  2. Two channelled wireless systems that work on foot drop and thigh weakness  

Over the next few weeks we will be going through each in more detail so keep a look out for these. 

A comprehensive FES neuro physio assessment with your treating clinical specialist neuro physio in our clinic will help you determine which device would be most suitable and easiest for your use. 

Arrange your FES assessment or review with us today.

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